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Happy Easter!!

Hop along….nothing to see here.

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter 2014.

Angry Panda


Cupcakes on the go?

Cupcakes on the go?

Cute new Angry Panda Mini backpack

Angry Panda Pink Plush Sells Out Fast at 2012 Comic-Con

It’s been a while since our last blog post but thats mainly because we’ve been hard at work. Most recently Angry Panda was down in San Diego for the 2012 Comic-Con. If you couldn’t make it down for the event, feast your eyes on what you missed.

Toynami released a limited edition Angry Panda plush doll in all pink. It sold out quickly in just over a day which is bittersweet since many people who wanted one couldn’t get one.  The good news is there is a tornado of awesomeness on its way with enough for everyone!

If you are like the t-shirts you see they are available at Spencer’s Gifts.


Angry Panda

The Power of Pink – Angry Panda Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

If you have been watching the NFL lately it is all but impossible not to notice players wearing pink shoes, gloves, towels, and chin straps.  Was this some sort of coordinated assault on football fashion?? Absolutely not.  October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and pink is its official color.

Although recent statistics on this devastating disease show signs of hope this issue will affect 1 in 8 women.  That 1 one woman is not just a statistic. She is your mother, sister, daughter, aunt, or wife.  Early detection is one of the most significant ways to battle this disease. 

While October is recognized as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the http://www.nbcam.org Web site is a year-round resource for breast cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, and the general public. We encourage you to visit our site in October and regularly throughout the year as we add updated breast cancer information and resources.
Let’s do our part in helping raise awareness. I encourage you to take a day this month and change your Facebook status to “The Power of Pink“. 

With  Love,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Angry Panda

Cherry Blossoms are about to bloom…


Just wanted to give y’all a sneak peek of the new www.angrypanda.com which will be going up shortly.  I’d like to personally thank Jon Schiller for the input and design help.   The cherry blossom is a very delicate flower that blooms for a very short time. For the Japanese this represents the transience of life. This concept ties in very deeply with the fundamental teachings of Buddhism that state all life is suffering and transitory. The Japanese have long held strong to the Buddhist belief of the transitory nature of life and it is very noble to not get too attached to a particular outcome or not become emotional because it will all pass in time.