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We believe in equal rights. 


Happy Father’s Day!

Not all super heroes wear capes. To all the loving dedicated dads out there this day is for you. Happy Father’s Day!   

Happy Easter!!

Hop along….nothing to see here.

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter 2014.

Angry Panda

Angry Panda Slippers

AP_SlippersLooking for a last minute holiday gift?  What says “I love you” better than an adorable pair of Angry Panda slippers. They are available exclusively at Spencer Gifts. Head on over here to snag a pair before they are all gone.

Happy Holidays


Angry Panda

Shine bright like a diamond


Shine bright even on your darkest days!

Angry Panda


Happy Mother’s Day



Ice Skating with Angry Panda

Ice Skating with Angry Panda

Winter is one of Angry Panda’s favorites seasons. Lots of sledding and skating usually leading to a snowball fight or two. Angry Panda likes to put lots of marshmallows in her hot cocoa and sometimes forgets her mittens.

Never miss an opportunity to tell someone that you love them.


Angry Panda