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Angry Panda Slippers

AP_SlippersLooking for a last minute holiday gift?  What says “I love you” better than an adorable pair of Angry Panda slippers. They are available exclusively at Spencer Gifts. Head on over here to snag a pair before they are all gone.

Happy Holidays


Angry Panda

A Holiday Treat From Angry Panda…a preview of what is coming in 2012.

It’s holiday time! With Hanukkah in full swing and Christmas around the corner we can feel all the holiday spirit in the air. We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than to give you a little preview of what is in store for next year.  Pictured above is the full sized Angry Panda plush doll which is scheduled to be released early next year. You’ll also be able to pick up an Angry Panda backpack which we will preview for you in another post.

We are going fishing for a bit so have a great holiday and a very Happy New Year.

See you soon.


Angry Panda

Season’s Greetings from your friend Angry Panda

Little Christmas elves aren’t the only ones that Santa relies on to get all the work done at the North Pole.  For years, Angry Panda has donned a reindeer disguise and helped load Santa’s sleigh. Maybe if you’ve been naughty but still have gotten a good present you now know why.

Merry/Happy (Insert the name of the holiday you celebrate here)


Angry Panda

Sarah Palin ruined Christmas


Looks like Sarah Palin just won’t go away. This time she has gone to far and instead of moose hunting she killed our beloved Rudolph. We can all thank Gov. Palin for ruining Christmas.