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Trick or Treat!


It’s Talk Like A Pirate Day and we are celebrating


Ahoy Matey….time to Talk Like A Pirate


Cupcakes on the go?

Cupcakes on the go?

Cute new Angry Panda Mini backpack


Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine

Adopt your own Angry Panda

We can’t argue with the folks over at Think Geek. This is what the had to say about Angry Panda…


There are two types of angry : Grumpy Cat Angry and Angry Panda Angry. While we LOL pretty hard at Grumpy Cat, we also know that Grumpy Cat’s kind of angry doesn’t accomplish anything. Grumpy Cat lives to be grumpy and thus will always be grumpy. Angry Panda, however, uses anger to create positive change in the world. We kinda like that.

Pick one up here

Do you ever wish you were a rock star??

Some times I like to pretend my toothbrush is a microphone and pretend I am a rock star. I can’t be the only one who does this??

Spread Love

Spread Love

Who’s the Bawse???


Angry Panda isn’t afraid to live on the wild side.

Sometimes in life you gotta…..

Never settle for the ordinary. Kick up a little dust, make a little noise, and make sure to get to your destination.


Angry Panda

Don’t be sad, maybe you just need a hug.