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Angry Panda Slippers

AP_SlippersLooking for a last minute holiday gift?  What says “I love you” better than an adorable pair of Angry Panda slippers. They are available exclusively at Spencer Gifts. Head on over here to snag a pair before they are all gone.

Happy Holidays


Angry Panda


My beanie is cuter than yours :p


Adopt your own Angry Panda

We can’t argue with the folks over at Think Geek. This is what the had to say about Angry Panda…


There are two types of angry : Grumpy Cat Angry and Angry Panda Angry. While we LOL pretty hard at Grumpy Cat, we also know that Grumpy Cat’s kind of angry doesn’t accomplish anything. Grumpy Cat lives to be grumpy and thus will always be grumpy. Angry Panda, however, uses anger to create positive change in the world. We kinda like that.

Pick one up here

Getting silly with Angry Panda


Looks like someone is enjoying their new Angry Panda hat. 😀 You can find this and much more at Spencer’s Gifts.

Got pictures with your Angry Panda gear???

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Just in time for the weekend….Angry Panda ‘Party Animal’ T-Shirts now Available

Summer may be almost over and most of us are headed back to school but that doesn’t mean the fun needs to end. Pick up one of these new Angry Panda ‘Party Animal” t-shirts at Spencer’s and bring the party inside. You can pick one up directly by clicking here xo,Angry Panda